White Man Gets Attacked for Having Black Girlfriend: “You’re Taking Our Women!”


Sigh. I knew this was coming, and I’m afraid to say that we might see a lot more of this in the future.

A 38-year-old white man dating a black woman was punched out at a transit workers union Christmas party in Manhattan by a black man who accused him of “taking our women,” the Daily News has learned.

The woman’s mother, Devenus McKinney, 61, a bus driver, identified the attacker as a fellow bus driver, but said she didn’t want to talk about the assault.

“I really can’t speak on it,” she said. “I don’t really feel like commenting about it — it just happened. I’m a little frustrated.”

The attack happened Saturday night at a hall connected to St. Cyril’s Catholic Church on W. 41st St.

The 38-year-old victim, who does not work for the MTA, and his girlfriend, 39, were invited by her mom to the Transport Workers Union party for MTA employees assigned to the Michael J. Quill Bus Depot.

At some point, police said, the victim headed to the bathroom and was confronted by the angry suspect.

“What if I tell you, you are a piece of s— white man, taking our women,” the suspect said before punching the victim in the face and grabbing his neck, cops said.

The girlfriend intervened but by then the victim had suffered a cut on the inside of his lip and bruising to his neck.

The suspect, described as 40, 6-foot-2 and 240 pounds, fled the party and is still being sought.

The victim, who could not be reached for comment, reported the incident Sunday.

The Transport Workers Union said it is looking into the matter. [SOURCE]

This is what happens when certain “men” think of you as property.

Do you ever worry about physical or verbal attacks when you’re out with your non-black significant other?

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