What the Cuss?

White Supremacist’s Epic Gene Pool Fail!

By: Pella, BB&W Intern


What’s better than thwarting the dreams of a White Supremacist colony growing in rural North Dakota? Doing so by informing the man trying to start it that he is only 86% of European descent. And the rest, you ask? 14% Sub Saharan African. And the best part is it was all caught
on camera thanks to the Trisha Show.

Craig Cobbs, a 62 year old “Creator” or as I like to call it the White Supremacist religion, agreed to the show to prove his “pure race” and defend the creating of his “white enclave” in North Dakota.  Much to
his surprise neither of those things happened. See his reaction to the news below.


He was so salty he even rejected Trisha’s “welcome to the family” fist bump!

If that’s not enough, after the debacle, Cobbs did an interview proclaiming ‘Well if I did have any n**** we don’t want anymore of it.” No sir, I believe the right answer is we don’t want anymore of
you. And by we I mean the human race.

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