Why Are Trolls Afraid of Me Working With Angel Ramirez-Jordan?

Geezus lawd this man is fine.


And!!! He loves him some black women. And he’s not shy about saying it. Not so much for IR, because he’s kind of like those kind of “keep hope alive” black dudes who really has a hard time seeing any of us crossing color lines…but he does it in a nice way. I told him that he’s got to let some of us go if he really, REALLY wants black women to be happy.

Plus, he really is nice.

To look at.

Just kidding.

He’s smart too.

This put him on the map for us, because you guys sent this to me.

But since then, Angel and I have talked for hours, and we’ve come to an understanding. And he’s since made an 18-minute ode to me. Gosh…luv him.

But I’ve noticed quite a bit of people have thrown up roadblocks since they’ve heard that we’re working on a collaboration.

Hmmm….wonder why.


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