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Why Do Some Black Men Hate Black Women?

If you were at the bottom of the totem pole among men, would you feel the need to pick on someone else in order to feel better about yourself? Anyone possessing a basic respect for human beings would not. Those lacking that very basic respect are bullies. Such brutes thrive on taking power from people they feel are weaker? I believe that to be at the core of why some black men hate black women. It has nothing to do with black women’s supposed attitude but black men’s lack of power in America and the world as a whole. Now there are a few that understand the ways of the world and handle it in a strategic manner but I suspect that many cannot. Don’t believe me? Just look at the tons of videos they make attacking black women. I won’t bother naming or linking to them since I don’t want to send traffic their way.

I’ve explored videos and forums where damaged black men referred to us as apes and posted pictures dehumanizing us. Isn’t that similar to what the Nazis and the KKK did and continue to do today? You bet! Couple that with their vast “eagerness” to pair with non-black women and you get a symptom of a much larger problem. Nothing wrong with marrying non-black women but one should do some research about whether or not these unions stand the test of time. That could tell us a lot about the true motives behind most of their relationships. A black man’s self-hate is what causes him to lash out at black women. I’ve heard over and over again that he who hates himself will transfer that hate to others. I’m seeing that played out on a daily basis among damaged black men against black women.

For example, DBR’s blame every failure of the black man on black women. The most idiotic example I can recall was a black man claiming “the reason why Africa was taken over was because black women took control of the villages.” Now just think about that for a second. Now ask yourself how any group is able to dominate another group’s village or territory. What does that say about black men if black women gained control? Not only that but if we consider the disproportionate incarceration rate of black men, it’s because they were raised by a black mother. To damaged black men, black women just can’t win.

Finally, they are double-minded when it comes to how black women are perceived. To illustrate my point, let me fill you in on the “tone” of various men’s right’s forums I used to frequent. It was not unusual for a black MRA to try so hard to get into the white MRA’s “good graces” that it borderlined on the homoerotic front. One even asked point blank if these men were more offended by black women or black men? Needless to say, he got zero responses. Methinks they thought he was weird as he ended up in an internet shouting match with one of the white MRA’s in the same thread.

On the other hand, they will claim that black women are treated better or experience less racial discrimination than black men. So which is it? White people love black men more than black women or do they love black women more. Most sane individuals wouldn’t even be concerned about being loved by the white race but damaged black men apparently do.

So remember the next time you hear a black criticize black women, ask “who the hell are you to criticize anyone” and make sure you laugh at them.

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