Why Is Twitter Going Nuts Over Chester French’s ‘Black Girl?’

Upon your daring to click Chester French’s new song, ‘Black Girls,’ which is basically an I love black girls!! anthem, you’ll see two models getting into some SERIOUS girl-on-girl action. One model, blond, whipping her hair back and forth, with chiseled nose and angular face, is the European standard of beautiful. The other is a woman velvety dark brown, close-cut kinky-haired Nubian goddess. Both alternatively lip-sync, “I’ve got a thing for black girls, la, la la la la, la la, la la la la la…”

Go on Twitter and you’ll see celebs like Ashton Kutcher, Puff Daddy, Solange Knowles, and Tatyana Ali high-fiving the new release, along with random comments from white guys saying stuff like, “Not guna lie… I got a thing for black girls,” or “I can relate, @DAChesterFrench! I have a thing for em too.”

The response from the white guys who are climbing out of Twitter nether regions to declare their love for black women is surprising for many sistahs, who are often told they are too ugly, too fat, too black, too educated, too independent, too whorish, too loud, and that’s why nobody–even our own men–want us.

But wait.

They do.

And quite fortuitous for me, a few lines of this  song sums up a few reasons why I wrote “Swirling: How to Date, Mate and Relate, Mixing Race Culture and Creed.These two rainbeaus wrap it up in a delicious bow of a song verse: “This ain’t no fetish, ain’t objectifying no on I reject your deconstruction of my taste…But ignoramus always look in my direction They’re so frustrated I don’t keep it in the race.”

They acknowledge something that many in society want to gloss over: some interracial pairings–particularly white men dating and marrying black women and God forbid, having a preference for them–is still taboo. The singer also reveals that as a white man, members of his own race still expect him to keep his tribe ‘white and bright.’

Lead singer, D.A. Wallach (not his avatar), seems to feel a sense of pride about his preference and  basically says that anyone who might try to dissuade him from the dark-skinned beauties can go kick rocks.

I love how he has the balls to admit folks have problems with his dating preferences. He explains on Twitter his motivation for releasing the song, and his fear about the potential public reaction. But in the end, looks like things are working out for him…


Do Black Women Really Know Other Races are Checking for Them?

D.A. Wallach is a maverick, but the object of his admiration–black women– may have not a clue that there are hoards of men like him of all races, colors and creeds who have a “thing” for black girls. Most of them aren’t so overt as to make a song that will no doubt be played by millions, but… they are checking for you, and they like what they see. The truth is, the group of people most shocked by this man’s declaration of his admiration may be the ultimate irony, because many black woman simply will not or can not believe other races of men have a non-fetish interest in them.

But another roadblock stems from the fact that black women are statistically the least likely to date out of their race. Some of it is from dig-in-your-heels-die-hard-black-love folks, but many black women are open, but the idea of dating someone of a different race is so foreign as to render them clueless and even fearful about how to open themselves up to the rainbeau. My book is for the women of the latter description. I didn’t want “Swirling” to be another book about why black women should expand their options–we’ve been told that enough. “Swirling” is for the women and men who have decided to entertain interracial dating and mating and serve as a guidepost for what to expect, packed full of personal stories from swirling couples, relationships experts and other resources. Ever wonder which U.S. cities are the best places to swirl? Do all races of men flirt the same way? Terrified about at your potential “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” moment? Is the sex different? Curious to learn how other couples have handled it when they get started at in public? It’s all in there, plus a whole lot more.



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