Why Other Black Women are Becoming More Vocally Against Us ‘Swirlers’

The video above is a response from commentary from popular dark-skinned activist, Chrissie.

I guess as the head-girl advocating black women expanding their dating options makes me Public Enemy Number One. This has been historically predictable from territorial men, but the vitriol is ramping up from other black women.

Black women policing each other for the benefit of black men isn’t new though. I know of one woman who married a white man who took on her three children and paid for her to go back to school. She left him because her entire family–particularly her mother and female relatives–refused to speak to her. They had absolutely no problem embracing her when she was a struggling single mother of children by multiple fathers.

As more black women peek over the fence to see what’s on the other side, I, unfortunately, foresee more acrimony from black women who feel like they are being left behind. What they say may be particularly hurtful because it is a fellow black woman, and I’ll admit I was at first hurt and confused by this. I know for a fact that some black women have helped dangerous, hateful men get personal information that could have posed a physical threat to me and my family.

Understanding the probable cause of the actions of these black women at least helps me to better understand it. It’s still mind-boggling though.

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