Will Black Male Reaction to Korryn Gaines Finally Wake Us Up?


During my live interview with Breukelen Bleu, both of us wondered aloud if the very people who chant, “Revolution! Revolution!” would include Korryn Gaines in their list of martyrs. Pffft!!! The same people who scream police brutality are claiming Gaines should have complied, she shouldn’t have pointed a gun, she’s a dumb bitch, she deserved to die, blah blah blah-dee-blah. The usual suspects are on You Tube calling her a “trap queen,” or celebrating the fact that Gaines boyfriend will not longer have to face his outstanding assault charges because the witness is dead.

Very few voices have called foul on this event, but I do believe the overall message is getting through to black women who stubbornly believed their community loved them as much as it loves it’s men. Gaines bought into all the revolution bullshit and all she got was a lethal bullet and a host of hateful black men’s mockery.

People called me and Breukelen Bleu bitter, crazy, sell outs, handmaidens of white supremacy and a host of other creative titles when we bring this stuff to the fore, and black women could take comfort in those rationalizations, because…surely we’re crazy. Surely the black men we uplift and fight for love us just as much as we love them…right? 

It was so painfully obvious that Gaines was completely and utterly abandoned when she decided to martyr herself, as her boyfriend fled the scene and left her to deal with the police all on her own. But isn’t that the way? These dudes talk a good game, but when you need them they exit Stage Left like a cartoon roadrunner.

Not to mention the complete lack of empathy for this young woman’s mental health, who was reported to have been exposed to a “sea of lead” as a child. BTW, Freddie Gray was also exposed to lead. But who got the empathy? Who got the march? Whose name was evoked as a martyr? Uh huh.

Black women have been sold a host of lies, but as the truth continues to slap them in the face on their social media feeds, they can no longer deny the truth.

The hypocrisy is so shocking even other black men who don’t have a pathological hatred for black women can see the gross disparity…


So…this is going to be unpopular.

Cause this is a dirty laundry post.

But brothers, how much more of a perfect victim do we need ‪#‎KorrynGaines‬to be before we support her?

Let’s keep it all the way real.

If you look at her pages, she stayed down for the brothers protesting our state sanctioned murders with deep passion – Check

She did not bow to the white man’s authority- Check

When the cops came, she stayed to face the heat and made it possible for her man to escape to safety with their baby –Check

But she wasn’t waiting to be saved, she was strapped and holding her child in her arms meaning she was going to go down swinging to protect the next generation of the nation–Check

She had knowledge of self, acknowledging herself as sovereign and not bound by the System that hates and would deem to subjugate and oppress her. -Check

She would rather die than let those white officers put their hands on her body –Check

I did say we were gonna keep it all the way real right?

So let’s get into it. Let’s get into what’s important. ?

She wore her hair both straight and natural–double Check

Look at her pictures, she was attractive but not overly sexy, dressed alluring but respectable, looked stunning with and without make up…-check, check, check.

You aren’t pretending we don’t play favorites with beautiful women are you? Cmon guys. It’s just us….

Oh. I left out one.

She was light skinned with long hair. Exotic. -Big Check.

(We’re not going to suddenly pretend that doesn’t matter are we? I mean, isn’t that “wifey material”)

So let’s see…

We have a revolutionary thinking, unapologetically Black, down for the brothers, ride-or-die, baby-you-go-head-I-got-this, down-ass chick, sexy, fly sister who will defend her child to her last breath and on top of that she checks off all your “Smooth”, “King”, “Black Lace” checkboxes for what a woman is supposed to be….
And we still find some reason to not only not support her, but to drag her.

How much more perfect a victim does she have to be for us to check for her?

Oh wait. She wasn’t a man

Or do we need to check ourselves…

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