WTF?! People GLEEFUL Over Our Negative News…Plus a Sobering Acknowledgement.

I won’t provide the link to soul-killing garbage that apparantly indicates that black women are picked last in online dating, because, really…what’s the point? I think it might be time to pull out a quote the wise and powerful Kola Boof said about black women and invisibility. I’ve been saving this for an appropriate time, and this is as good a time as any.

(1) Black women have to realize they’re in fact at the bottom of a well. The majority are in denial….or believe they belong at the bottom.

(2) Once Black women DO understand their position at the bottom of the well and rebel against it….they will begin to create & support their own media.

(3) Black women have to actively teach their children to worship at the altar of Black womanhood…just as BM have taught us to worship at the altar of Black manhood. BW don’t do that. We worship light skin and non-black women’s images. We try to look like them. We constantly perpetuate the cycle because we don’t believe a Black woman & her blackness are beautiful by themselves.

[And what will turn things around?]


Total rock bottom desperation…is what will eventually force millions of Black women to wake up and reinvent their image as Feminine & Fertile.

~Kola Boof


I also need to address the disgusting amount of gleefulness I’ve seen online from certain men who revel in any and all negative news about black women.

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