Ya’ll Floridians Betta GIT-IT! ‘Swirl Club’ in Orlando

Looks like there’s a lot of swirling going on in Orlando, Florida. Recent census data reveals that if you’re unmarried, then you’re twice as likely to be in an interracial relationship says the Orlando Sentinel. Based on this report, we may have to update our chapter on the most swirl-friendly cities. Janice….oh Jaaaaannniiiicce….

ORLANDO, Fla. — On vacation, David Baker-Hargrove and his partner, Robert, gravitate toward couples just like them. They are not hard to find. In any large group of gays, there are always a half-dozen or so black-and-white couples.

“Immediately we bond because it is like a club,” said Baker-Hargrove, 47, an Orlando psychotherapist.

They even call it a club: the “Swirl Club,” like the soft-serve chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

In Florida, unmarried couples — gay and straight — are twice as likely as married couples to be interracial. When including couples in which one partner is Hispanic, the percentage nearly doubles. About one in five households in Florida includes an unmarried couple of different races or Hispanic origin — almost twice the 11 percent of married couples, according to figures recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

But let’s be real–Florida is still the South, and old demons die old, cranky deaths.  There’s hope though. My operatives on the ground say black women in Atlanta are swirling like never before seen. The BM/WW far outnumber them, but…hey. Baby steps.

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