Where Were You? Loving Day Flagship Event Was Off the Chain!

I was stoked that me and Maxi got a chance to attend the Loving Day flagship event in New York City this year so I can spank all of you East Coasters for not coming. Especially you single ladies. Talk about cuties interested in interracial relationships everywhere you looked! The Asian beer was flowing, so was the free barbeque. Those two things, plus an awesome DJ, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a party. There was every race in America under a big tent–literally and figuratively. It was so beautiful, all the love, all the unity, it’s what I imagine Heaven must be like.

Take a look. You’ll probably catch a few frames of me and Maxi cutting it up on the dance floor.

The highlight (and there were many) was meeting the East Coast chapter of AM/BW (Asian Men/Black Women) group, which piled in 50 deep, a good representation of the 500 total members. I was able to get some candid comments from the Asian men about how they navigate interracial relationships with black women with their families, and let’s just say…it was informative. More on this later.

Then there was Mohawk Boy and his brown-skinned sidekick…those two were ADORBS!

Special thanks to Ken Tanabe, the Loving Day organizer for rolling out the red carpet for us!

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