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Your Super Bowl Homework…DUE IMMEDIATELY!

So today is the Super Bowl. For most of the football season, my eyes glaze over at football games, much to the hubster’s chagrin. BUT! Super Bowl, I can at least appreciate the commercials. And beer, which is free flowing here at the in-law’s vacay home in La Quita. Plus! Mike is making his super-duper-fab-o-licious chili, with NO beans, so everyone should be safe to sit next to each other.

Now for your SINGLE girls: If I catch you at home washing your hair or polishing your toe nails through this PRIME OPPORTUNITY to meet a rainbeau, you get a BIG FAT “F!” As in, FAIL!

If you haven’t already, take ONE of your non-black girl friends to a rainbeau populated sports bar (it’s okay to hang out at a sports bar on big game day), look as cute and fabulous as you can without being obvious (aka casual, no FULL make-up though), and PRETEND to watch the game. All the while, you WATCH those rainbeaus.

If one looks at you and you like what you see, get your flirt on. Eye contact. Hold for a about three seconds, then slow, alluring smile. Rinse, and repeat. Then, STOP. See what comes next, and let it be HIS move.

Now I want a full report by end of game day, or at the latest, first thing tomorrow morning. Now GET OUT THERE, TEAM BB&W!!!

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