Your Blog Mistress is a Douche. But…a Very Popular Douche.

Admittedly, my Holly Petraeus post last week was not one of my brightest moments. I was accused of being a great big fat meanie, and truthfully, I was. That’s why I was more than happy to take the hand-slapping I got here.

But I guess being a great big fat meanie gets you in the news these days. BlogHer emailed me, hungry to syndicate that piece. I declined (see, I have a conscience!!). Then today I see that major news blog, the Daily Caller, has quoted me and linked by to this blog. The author, Stephanie D. Edelman, smartly pointed out how my douche-y comment about Holly Petraeus’ looks contributed to the overall apathy about the horrors of her husband’s infidelity.

Better yet, we can let the general off the hook by deriding the physical appearance of his devoted wife of 38 years, described in a USA Today article as “dowdy Holly Petraeus,” who is “shorter, grayer, broader and way less va-va-voom than the busty other women in this confounding and confusing tale,” and by blogger Christelyn Karazin as “like a 50-something Peppermint Patty. … Holly, if she so chose, could easily improve herself in the looks department. A little hair dye, a date with a gal at the MAC makeupcounter, a gym membership and a girdle can do wonders.”Read more:

Whoa. Guess the folks over at USA Today are being douche-y about Holly too.

Just goes to show you never know who lurks the blog entries of BB&W. Looks like we’re a popular as my grandiose mind thinks we are.