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Matthew Hussey Answers the Question of the Week: “Why Do I Keep Attracting Married Men?”

Thought I'd add a little variety to the QOTW and get my pal Matthew Hussey in on the action. Ladies, please be mindful of your drool--water and … [Read more...]


Question of the Week: “My African Wife Is Mistreated By Black Americans. Why?”

Mrs. Karazin,   I recently found your site when I was looking for articles regarding interracial marriage and just general black/white information. … [Read more...]


Question of the Week: “Dates with God” and Love in Potato Land

Hello. I love your blog! It is so wonderful. Informative, sweet, and honest! I currently live in Boise Idaho. I am nice black lady 31 years of age. I … [Read more...]

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Question of the Week: High School Girl Being Excluded from Parties Because Rainbeaus are Finding Her Attractive

Here's the question, and see my video response below: I've been a long time fan of blogs centered around the concerns of Black women, seeing that I … [Read more...]


World Traveling, Tanisha Preps College Girl on What To Expect When She Studies Abroad

Christelyn received this letter in her inbox the other day and because of my extensive time in Italy, she thought that I would be the best person to … [Read more...]

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Question of the Week: “How Can Black Women Rise from ‘The Bottom of the Barrel’?”

Dear Ms. Karazin, As a professional single BW who has been attracted to and is interested in dating WM, I have a question: why are Asian and Indian … [Read more...]


Question of the Week: “Do You Have Any Advice for Age-Differences Swirlers?”

Dear Chris, I have been lurking on yoru site and I have been reading it a few times each wee. I love it and I love the face that it is a safe haven … [Read more...]


Question of the Week: Young Black Woman Victim of Colorism, Wants Tips on How to Attract Men Across the Melanin Spectrum

"First of all I love your site, I log on everyday. My name is Nikki and I could really use your insight. I am 22 and from southern New Jersey; here … [Read more...]


“I Did Everything Right and I Still Haven’t Met The One”: What Do NWNW Supporters Say to the Older, Unmarried Woman Who Still Wants Kids?

Question of the week. You are approaching middle age and realize that you have more years behind you than ahead. How does that shape your view of … [Read more...]


Question of the Week: “When Should Religion Be a Deal Breaker?”

Dear Christelyn Karazin, I am a current college graduate and I have been looking into interracial dating and came across your website and love it. … [Read more...]


Question of the Week: “I’m in College and I Kissed a Frog!!”

Got this question last week, and I'll bet after you read it, the BB&W Crew is going to have a lot to say about this: I've been looking at your site … [Read more...]

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Question of the Week: “Help! I Don’t Want to Leave College Alone & Single!”

Got this note from a sweetie girl and had to address it. Ladies who have met their significant others in college time to speak up and give some tips … [Read more...]


Question of the Week: “I Have No Idea How to Flirt!”

One thing that I neglected to mention in the video is that Nikki might need to engage in a little pre-game preparation. Self talk is good--especially … [Read more...]