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QOTW: “Men Stare, But Don’t Make a Move. What Gives?”

The Question:

What does it mean when men stare at you without smiling? This happens often to me, and i’m not doing anything out of the ordinary to be stared at. It is always white guys around my age that do this, the older ones will approach me and compliment me on my looks. (I’m not being narcissistic).
This is usually what will happen. I will be walking looking straight ahead, then i’ll notice a guy going the opposite way stare with no smile. I’m honestly not staring at them first to make them stare back. They don’t look mad, just a blank stare. I’ll look away, but I can see they’re still looking with my peripheral vision. Then sometimes i’ll look back again if they’re attractive and he’ll still be looking.
I know this sounds super narcissistic and crazy and I’m cringing while i’m writing this, but I am just curious. I’m in college, 21 years old, and have never been on a real date. I live in NH and there are not many black people here, but there definitely are some. I’m open to all races, but no guy will approach me! They literally just stare ( obviously not all of them, just a lot.)

NOTE: One thing I failed to mention in this video is that if a man stares at you in a way that feels uncomfortable, or you feel threatened, none of what I said applies. Stalkers and crazies are real. Take steps to protect yourself by not walking campus alone or go out to bars etc, alone.

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