Question of the Week

QOTW: “Will I Ever Get a Date…Ever?!”

The note: Hi Christelyn, 

I am a fan of your website and have liked it on Facebook, so I see regular updates on every venture you deign to put up. I am a Black girl living in London attending university to study Criminology and Forensic Investigation and I am attracted to mainly white guys. This attraction has always been there, when I was little I told my mother that I would marry a white guy because I liked the way they looked.
I believe that most swirling happens in the US and because I don’t live there it makes it harder for me to swirl. In London, it’s hard for a girl like me to even get a guy to look at me, let alone take me on a date or be in a relationship with. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Am I not representing myself properly or am I just not the type of “black girl” that a white man would go out with. I have a broad nose, dark skin and stretch marks (I’m 19 and have never had children or any type of intercourse, It happened when puberty hit).
I am a first  date virgin, I have never been on a date with the opposite sex and I am probably never going to. I think this also affects how I interact with guys I like, they never seem to like me back. I have been friend-zoned like a million times and after my crush would find a girl and they would get together. I feel like the female version of Good Luck Chuck but I never seem to have good luck myself. What do you think would be the best course of action for me?
My take…

Yeah I don’t know what happened to the other file. Oh well. You got the general idea.
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