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QOTW: “How Do I Tell My Girlfriend I Love Her Natural Hair?”

This note made me go “AWWWW!!!”
Dear Ms. Karazin, I am writing to you as a young “white” boy of 18 years (though I only acknowledge the existence of one race– the human race). I have been enjoying my first ever relationship, though it is sort of unofficial. My companion is a black girl of the same age who is also experiencing the joys of a romance for the first time. Anyways, I am curious to understand, in a nutshell, how her hair works. I know this is a complicated issue but if someone could explain it simply to me I would be very thankful. Furthermore, I have told this girl that I prefer her hair to be curly and wavy.

I don’t disparage her when she shows up with straight hair, however, I have told her my preference. I hope I wasn’t too rude or out of place. I think she is beautiful inside and out, regardless of her hair, but the curlier/ wavier hair just suits her better. Is there any way I can politely nudge her to make and keep her hair more wavy/curly? Of course, the way she dresses and chooses to present herself is up to her but I would love to see her looking her best. She has told me that all but one of the members in her family have encouraged her to regularly straighten her hair.

        Thank you for taking the time to read this note. I love your mission and wish you well. Your chant, “choose character over color” is so near and dear to my heart. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been questioned over my perceived “preferences” in women. Though I truly possess no preference in terms of ethnicity/race when judging the women I deem beautiful, my obvious “United Colors of Benetton” approach to love has elicited more than a few irritating jokes/comments over the years. Thank you for providing a great outlet for me and others like me. God bless.
With Love,


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