It’s Here! The First Episode of “Swirlr”

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Sorry for the delay, but worry not,'s the first episode. I had a lot of fun with Kurt and Quintana. Both are young, and both … [Read more...]

Sh!t Haters Say to Discourage Black Women From Dating Out

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Attention haters, I have a confession. I only engage you in conversation in order to do the following: To demonstrate how much of an idiot you are, to … [Read more...]

Dear Black People, Can We Support More Songs Like This?!

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Okay I'm loving Pharrel right now. He killed it at the Oscars last night, and I loved how Lupita jumped in to get her grove on! Yes; Pharrel looks … [Read more...]

Monday Punday # 26


Monday-Punday #26   Ah, the limerick - 5 lines of delightful nonsense (often 'unclean') - … [Read more...]

What’s In A Name?

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From time to time we discuss names black Americans give their children.  I have seen some pretty outlandish names encroached upon innocent children … [Read more...]

A Rose by any other name: Pastel Pink Beauty Trends SS 2014


This is my ode to pink. A color, that if I were put into as a child, I'd scream bloody murder. I hated the feminine soft color, so Barbie, so girlie, … [Read more...]

Swirling In History: Vintage News Clippings of Couples Who Dared to Love When It Was Damn Scary

Raymond Stough and Beatrice Williams Wed in Chicago with 1000 guest  Jet Mag July 17, 1952

We don't need Black History Month to know about swirling black women throughout history.  But since it is February, and I like history I thought it … [Read more...]

3 Off the Runway Beauty Trends for SS 2014


I don't know if you can feel it, but Spring is in the air. And hopefully like me you have already started to scour the net to find the upcoming … [Read more...]

Legion of Doom Mothers on Steroids — What the Cuss?

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This one is breaking my heart. I am very sympathetic to victims of domestic violence to a point. I have seen a lot of crimes and issued lots of arrest … [Read more...]

Roseanne Barr is Running for President, and She Thinks Siding With Known Black-Woman Haters Will Get Her the Black Vote.

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Some say that the more natural of political alliances are between the black man and the white woman. The theory is because both of them have the same … [Read more...]

QOTW: “Why Can’t I Just Be a Baby Mama?”


One reader asked us to discuss the potential option of black women opting to co-parent over having a partner full time. Here's my take. … [Read more...]