Color for Your Undertones–How to dress Red-tones

I am back folks for the second installment (3 &4 coming soon) of how to dress for your undertones. Last week we covered color for yellow tones and this week it is all about the red-tones. So fasten your seat belts and come along for the ride.


Again, remember the rules I gave to you about makeup, they still apply for your clothing. If you have red undertones, you are representing the warm family of shades, therefore in order to cool down your skin tones and to compliment your fabulous hue, you must stick to colors in the cool or combination family. This means you can wear any color as long as it is on the cool (read yellow/green or blue) spectrum of  color.


Blue-greens (more green than blue), bluish purples, plums, yellowy oranges, blue-pinks, indigos and violets. These cool shades will look great against your skin. Try not to wear too many warm colors, they will make you look too red.


Casual Wear


Red tones-- Casual Colored Denim
Logo shirt, 70,830 KRW / Skinny jeans, 94,325 KRW / Madewell ballet flat, 153,215 KRW / BCBG Max Azria envelope clutch, 88,525 KRW / Lorus gold watch, 89,865 KRW / Betsey Johnson skull ring, 41,935 KRW / Gold jewelry, 8,990 KRW / Illamasqua vintage makeup, 48,235 KRW / Lip makeup, 15,890 KRW / Nail polish, 17,015 KRW / High heels


These cute blue-pink denim again is a great way to get your feet wet if you are afraid of color. Putting the color on the bottom away from your face, helps you to avoid an existential episode. This outfit is amazing because the cream colored blouse along with the brassy-gold embellishments gives you the feel of being colorful and chic without really doing so. Show your friends your flair in this awesome outfit.


Career Wear–A Wee bit Conservative




Silvian Heach flower dress, 99,320 KRW / H&M blazer, 35,865 KRW / Oasis shoulder handbag, 68,310 KRW / Coach jewelry, 111,225 KRW / Tory Burch drop earrings, 107,820 KRW / MAC Cosmetics , 20,995 KRW / Make Up For Ever waterproof makeup, 20,430 KRW / Nail polish, 17,015 KRW / Floral shoes / Chain link necklace / MAC Cosmetics lipstick


This violet blue dress is paired well with this tweed colored jacket. Mix in a forest green hand bag and cute grigio shoes goes a long way. Combine it with some coral lips and silver nail polish and you have yourself an outfit that will make waves at the new gig. Letting people know that you take your job serious but spunk is all in your wardrobe.




Careerwear colorful-Redtones
J.Crew bow blouse, 124,840 KRW / H&M blazer, 44,925 KRW / J.Crew j. crew pants, 145,270 KRW / Coach pave ring, 111,225 KRW / Yellow gold earrings, 62,420 KRW / Nail polish, 17,015 KRW / Diamond If I Do Hand drawn illustration diamond by ShhBySadie, 21,565 KRW / T strap heels / Shoulder handbag / Dolce Gabbana lipstick / Crayon Intense


Green is for money and you will be attracting a lot of it in this colorfully artistic outfit with its handmade handbag by Simoni Textile Designer and custom made diamond bracelet by Shh by Sadie jewelry designer. The purple accessories go great with the green because purple is the color of royalty. So you will project an image of royal chicness at work in this ensemble. Go for, errr, green.


Rock N Rolla


Rock n Rolla-- redtones


Peplum top, 37,965 KRW / Dorothy Perkins high heels, 107,850 KRW / Wet Seal hoop earrings, 8,515 KRW / House of Harlow 1960 skull ring, 68,115 KRW / Bing Bang skull jewelry, 80,780 KRW / Alexander McQueen jewelry, 682,130 KRW / Make Up For Ever waterproof makeup, 20,435 KRW / Black nail polish, 17,020 KRW / Bumble Bum skull and bee bracelet Black glass beads by ShhBySadie, 22,705 KRW / Impulse top / Lipstick


Aww yeah. So fresh and chic. That’s what we tough girls girl who like the cute cuddly animals. We buy faux leather and dress it up all tough and then throw on a frilly periwinkle top to exude a bit of sex appeal. The cool blue tone will look hot hot hot on your red-hot tones. Then you must add skull accessories to toughen it up again. Oh this outfit is all you.  Cap toe heels to create the illusion of steel toe boots and black nails, I’m all over this outfit–although I have to get a warmer colored shirt to pull it off.


I hope this post helped you red-tones ladies. Be on the look out for the next three installment. I will be doing a post on how to tell the difference between cool and warm tone colors. But at the moment I am quite the busy bee building my own empire so its taking a bit longer. If you have any questions put them in the comment box and I will answer.


Good LUCK!!
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