Poll: Would You Vote for Mitt Romney if He Promised to Address the Out-of-Wedlock Problem?

Someone brought up in a previous post how Mormons stick together, marry each other, and build wealth. I live on a street with four Mormon families. Some of them are close friends of mine. I’ll never forget how when The Babster was born so early and was in the hospital for three months, they brought weeks and weeks of pre-made dinners, offered free babysitting, and gave me a surprise baby shower once Emma finally came home.

Emma, born 12 weeks premature.

So…there’s not really much anyone can say to me about how “bad” Mormons are, because I have seen through action that the ones I know are salt of the earth. But…that doesn’t mean I want to be Mormon–I don’t. Mostly because I like vodka and coffee so much. Oh–and the three-hour church services on Sunday would just be way too mind-numbing. However, many of the principles the Mormons live by are admirable. They have traditional values, have a strong belief in the importance of family and charity, and are industrious and wealthy. In fact, the Mormons are one of the most wealthiest religious communities in the world. They also make it SUPER easy to find a mate in college–BYU has campuses everywhere!

So, having an intimate knowledge for what the Mormons stand for, I’m 1000% certain where Governor Romney stands on this issue. But let’s just take the morality out of it for a moment. Dual parent households are healthier and wealthier. The children of these merges do better in school, are more self-confident, are less likely to use drugs and get arrested for crimes. More wealth=better economy.

Personally, I LOVE Obama. He’s my hero. But, if Mitt Romney addressed these issues in his platform and offered solutions, I might reconsider my vote.