Poll: Which are You, “Black Woman” First, or “Woman” First, “Black” Second?

We’ve been talking a lot about black women’s position in society, and ways to improve our station. But riddle me this–are you a “black woman,” or a woman who happens to be, well…very dark brown? Surely both labels have implications. If you are a “black woman” first, then that implies that you identify, support, fight for, protest, protect, rage for, celebrate, and rally for all things “black.” If you’re a woman who happens to be black, then you might pick and choose what causes you take up, but those cause may not necessarily be black-community related. As a woman who is black, you’re freer to just “be.” You like what you like, believe what you believe, date and marry whom you want, and for purposes of this conversation, don’t tow the party line. But because of your color–your obvious distinction–your loyalties will be constantly questioned by those who claim you as their own. People will ask if you’re a real sister, or a “cornball” sister.

I know that there’s some women out there that don’t feel that they are free to be just “women,” because “black” follows you everywhere you go. “Black” and “Woman” are impossible to be mutually exclusive, they are inexorably intertwined.

So which are you?

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