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10 Questions You’d Better Ask Your Rain-beau Man Before…

Instead of the typical “Question of the Week,” I thought this might be a fun exercise, mainly because it’s part of my book research and you are my lab mice. BUT I don’t think of you like those pink scary ones that I once saw my mother beat to death with a dish rag while me and my brother squealed like pigs getting their eyebrows plucked back in the winter of ’85. You’re more like Minney Mouse to me–all cutsie and sweet.

Honestly, I don’t actually know what these 10 questions are, since I didn’t have such a list in mind when I hooked up with husbo, but in retrospect, I’m thinking it’s not such a bad idea.

Now, don’t be all, “Black Marriage Negotiations” about it, but asking a few pointed questions peppered over time just might be a good guide to know where the relationship is going, and what might possibly be a concern, bone of contention, or downright deal-breaker. (Like it might be good to know up front if your man likes wearing your panies under his dress slacks, right?)

So please, feel free to add questions to the list, as well as some suggestions and/or reflections of how you broached tough subjects with your rain-beau. I’ve thought of some, but of course, I’m a bit naive about what would be some good ones, but here’s my piddly attempt at subtle inquisition:

  • Will you be expecting me to change my religion? Will doing so require I wear a burqa?
  • Are your parents or immediate relatives in any way related to the Daughters of the American Revolution? If so…which style of flag did they like best?
  • Wherever we decide to live, are there compounds nearby that have been under FBI surveillance?
  • Are you a fan of porn, more specifically, *cough* Asian porn stars? *cough*
  • Ever have an x-ray? Could you make out what color your spine was?

Okay I couldn’t think of 10. But since EVERYBODY seems to like nice, even numbers, I decided to bait and switch. YOU finish the list. What important questions should one ask whilst engaging in an interracial and/or intercultural romance?

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