Come Hither 101: Tracy Renee Jones Schools Us On How to Enchant the Opposite Sex!

I got a chance to catch up with some of my BB&W girls last week when we covered the Loving Day Flagship Celebration in New York, and MAN!! was I so glad to catch up with BB&W’s very own, Tracy Renee Jones. It’s one thing to read her advice post on how to flirt and celebrate your feminiinity and sexuality, it’s another thing to see her in action.

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 8.43.35 AM

Me and the girls go out in Manhattan for drinks and fun. Tracy is in the red.

We did just that, when, video-maven I am, took out my handy-dandy handheld for an improptu tutorial on how to flirt shamelessly, exude confidence, and hypnotize men. Think I’m exaggerating? Just watch. Be sure you do so till the end, when one guy get’s ensnared by Tracy’s charms.

The take-away from this?

–Steer clear for the loud, peacock, front-and-center guys. Hone in on the wing men.

–Be playful and fun while you flirt. Think about it this way: do you clown people who flirt with you? No? Well just know that how you respond is how most others will too.

–Attracting a man is about showing confidence and leveraging your feminine whiles.

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