Stocking Stuffers for Every Girl

Stocking Stuffers are some of the most affordable ways to share the love this holiday season. Today I wanted to share some essentials for those that love doing Stocking Stuffers! The thing about stocking stuffers is that you can literally find these items at your local drugstores and department stores. No need for online shopping at the last minute and expensive 1 day delivery!  These can also be incorporated into regular gifts for the people in your life!

1.Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories will never go out of style! Hair accessories are small enough and cute enough to get for the girl girl!

Stocking Stuffers: Hair Accessories

2.Travel Size Items

Something about miniature things that really puts a smile on my face…maybe because I’m a short but they are so adorable! Sephora and Ulta has amazing travel size items online and at the stores!

Stocking Stuffers: Travel Size Items

3.Cozy Socks

Regular Socks…BORING! Take it up a notch with fuzzy cute socks!  Forever 21 has some of the cutest socks out there! You can also throw in other fuzzy things like scarves and beanies!

Stocking Stuffers:Fuzzy Faves

4.Nail Polishes

We all have nail lovers so why not get them some super cute colors and you don’t have to worry about them being the same…trust us we want to build on our ever loving fascination of nail  polishes! Essie is a big fave of alot of nail lovers
Stocking Stuffers: Nail Polishes

5.Dainty Things

For the girls in your life that love little dainty jewelry these stocking stuffer gifts are perfect!

Stocking Stuffers: Dainty Things

6.Techy Bits

Now days everyone has phones, laptops, cameras so get gifts they will absolutely love and need without breaking the bank. I love for for techy items
Stocking Stuffers:Tech Faves
What are some essentials that you love to put in stock stuffers?

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