54 Siblings Find One Another After Father Dies?!

The father of 54 children recently died in Phoenix, Arizona.  Just when you think you have seen it all —  all I can do is shake my head.  I came across this story and thought “What the Double Cuss?”  Samuel D. Whitney fathered 54 children.  I guess he thought be fruitful and multiply was meant for him alone to accomplish.  Who paid to raise 54 children?  We all did — in form of hard our earned tax dollars.  I don’t care how nice Whitney was, I know he did not pay to raise 54 children (that he knew of) unless he was independently wealthy.  According to reports, he made about $1400 a month.  That wouldn’t raise a flea in this economy.

Sam Whitney 1


Now that Samuel D Whitney has died, his older siblings (remembering their father fondly) want to find the younger ones.  If family really was all that important to their dearly departed dad, he would have known each one, paid for their upbringing and make sure that all the siblings knew one another.  Nope, family was not that important to dear old dad at all. And another thing, what in the world was so appealing about a man with that many children that would make a woman have yet another one by him? (Please don’t try to answer that rhetorical question, you’ll just get a headache).


sam whitney 6


Maybe Whitney was quite the lady’s man in his younger years — I don’t know.  But he fathered children into his 70s — Geriatric DBR.  I wonder how many women are actual mothers to Whitney’s children?  Did they have multiple children? If this wasn’t so sad, it would be comical.  There is a chance that some of the Whitney siblings could end up dating or marrying one another and even have children of their own.  This should be an outrage!


whitney daughters






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