Swirling, the Book

A Lesson in Vetting and Giving Folks Enough Rope

As much as my fingers often itch in longing, I hardly ever comment on the I-hate-Chris collective that often appears in the peanut gallery comments section of blogs. But this time was different, because the PG gallery showed up in full force for something so benign–the central message of “Swirling,” to choose character above color.

(I KNOW many of you will be tempted to, but please don’t go over to this site and comment. Read them if you like, but it’s best not to get yourselves dirty.)

This video apparently incensed them:

I popped in from time to time to see what they said, this quote in particular was amusing to me, considering the state of the out-of-wedlock situation in the black community:

And then, of course, if all else fails, say the reason I wrote “Swirling” is because I’m ugly and no black man would ever love me:

I let them jabber so more, and then when I thought they’d been given enough rope, I commenced with the hanging:

See how that’s done? Just let people keep talking and they eventually can’t help themselves. So elegant to watch. šŸ˜‰

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