No Wedding, No Womb!

A Walking, Talking Reason for “No Wedding No Womb!”

Lawd-be-geezus. The nerve. The ABSOLUTE N.E.R.V.E.!! A Tennessee baby daddy of 30 children is asking the state to HELP support him and his brood and brood mares.

In similar WTF news–last week a woman who has 15 children also asked that someone (not her, of course) be held accountable to help take care of her herd. What in tarnation has America come to when people have kid, after kid, after kid, after kid and think someone besides their sorry arses are supposed to pay for them?!

Note the syrupy feel-good angle they did with the mother? Call me cruel, but that’s unacceptable. It’s absolutely unforgivable that a 37 year-old woman would put 12 of her 15 children in such jeopardy, and then be REWARDED for it.

Wringing my hands about this cluster cuss is getting exhausting. I resent the notion that black girls and women should just keep their legs closed and that this would never happen if we weren’t such slut-buckets. But I’ll admit, I also scratch my head at what goes on in the mind of a woman who thinks she’s so special that she and HER kids will be the ones that will magically make the jackass of a dad become less of a sperm-filled douche bag.

Bottom line: Accountability goes both ways. People need to stop pointing the finger at each other and LOOK DOWN AT THE CHILD(REN) looking up at them. This is why so many black people are being left behind while other minority groups run laps around us. No way in Hades can you properly raise 12 kids with no home or food, and pigs will fly before $1.49 a week is enough to support a kid.

People need to wake the phuck up!!

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