AAWG: Holiday Magic

Well well, look at you! Now that’s what a Swirlin man looks like when it’s time to clean it up and bust out the GQ thing for his SwirlyGirl!  Nice look ya got going on there. Very nice indeed. It’s great to be a multifaceted man in that regard. Rock the cowboy look. Rock the biker look. Rock the casual look. And now rock the GQ look.

Ya know how they say “all dressed up with nowhere to go”?


Portrait of a young adult couple wearing formal clothing in a restaurant

Well that ain’t you.  Cuz we are off on our Holiday and New Year’s Eve swirling adventure and we’re going to talk about where we’re going to take our SwirlyGirl.


The cool thing is, this is the best time of the year to dress it up and show a little class that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise.  There’s a special ambience during the chill of The Holidays that makes for intimate and special moments together.  One of the time tested tried and true holiday experiences is going to see The Nutcracker together. You don’t even have to like that thing, but it’s an unforgettable experience to dress up, pick up your SwirlyGirl and take her out to experience one of Christmas’s grandest of traditions. Sit back, relax and take in the Holiday Spirit together, it’s well worth it.


So, the performance is over and the crowd is heading out the door. Not quite ready for the evening to end? Head on over to an outdoor Christmas light display and stroll together sipping hot chocolate and, well…heh heh.  I’ll leave you two alone for a while 😉

Well hey, glad to see that went Nutcracker thing well for ya!  But wait!  There’s more!


You ever watched Dancing With The Stars? I have.  It was oddly intriguing watching Jerry Springer do his thing dressed like a matador or whatever it was. I gotta admit, I gained a newfound respect for that crapmaster when I saw him bring it on the dance floor. It also reiterated the fact that we white guys have a supreme tendency to underestimate the power that the ability to dance has should we choose to wield it. The key is becoming comfortable doing it, and we men are most comfortable doing something when we know how to do it. So in the words of Gary Gilmore…”let’s do it.”


Heh heh…

We talked about taking dancing lessons with her earlier, but if that’s not on the menu, take a few on your own, specifically tango lessons. You will not regret this. The ability to tango, or more likely, the ability to teach her to tango on your own together is a powerful tool in your bag o’ swirly tricks. Make no mistake, It’s a skill that will serve you well on your journey down The Road Of Life.

Instructional dance studios are quite common and do indeed specialize in teaching dudes like you and I the fine art of dance. And if you’re lucky, you’ll cross paths with a 6 foot tall blonde Russian tango instructor who will say in her best Natasha Badenov…

“Ven vee tango, you give to me such savage tango.”

Heh heh…true story.


So learn that dance, among any others you see fit. They come in handy at one of the highest regarded social events of the year…The Company Christmas Party. We know the drill. We dress up, we have a few drinks, we mingle with our coworkers and we meet their significant others. Ain’t gonna lie, tis a great time to demonstrate your prowess in the Swirlin department as it establishes your Swirl Cred, so to speak.  But the best thing of all? When the DJ fires up the music and you have the chance to show the whole damn company what kind of man you are and what kind of awesome things you can do.

Like bust out the tango with your SwirlyGirl.



There are few things in this world as awe inspiring as witnessing an Elegant Ebony Angel glide effortlessly in unison with her Ivory counterpart on the dance floor in the sheer sensual display that is the tango.


Excuse me while I wipe this tear from my eye…


Uhhhh…sorry about that.  Just got myself a little overwhelmed right there.  I’ll be ok, thank you very much. I can only handle so much beauty at once, ya know?




OK then…wow, look at us now…look at us now.  I do believe we have come a long way on our Swirling Journey together, clear back in September talking about getting ready for Halloween parties, busting out the costume, meeting our SwirlyGirl, taking her out and wowing her with our whiteness, hitting The Nutcracker, a stroll together under the outdoor lights, unleashing it at The Company Christmas Party.  We’ve come a long way, but we have one final destination on our Swirld World Tour and I’m pretty sure you already know what it is, so this is where we shake hands and part ways.  But before we do let me leave you with this…


Thanks for checkin out this most excellent website and learning about these Wonderful Women, who they are, what they think and how they feel. Thanks for being The Man and steppin up to show these Beautiful Ladies that we white guys do indeed want to be with them and are willing to step up and do what it takes to get that job done.  Thanks for trashing some long held stereotypes while at the same time having a good laugh together about others. And lastly, thanks for not taking this Swirling thing so serious that we overthink it and fail before we even begin.



Now go enjoy that New Year’s Eve party with your SwirlingSweetie!  Get out there and have a great time! And on New Year’s Day when ya wake up in your rumpled GQ clothes, rub your eyes while figuring out where you are once ya finally came to, if ya actually remember that party and what a great time you had with her, well…you’re a better man than I am…heh heh.

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