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Adam Levine “Sexiest Man Alive”…Really?!


By Pella, BB&W Intern

So the rumors are true Mr. Adam Levine was granted the coveted title of People’s Sexiest Man Alive, one which has been graced by faces such as Mr. Pitt, Mr. Clooney and Mr. Washington. First and foremost congratulations on being the subject that many women dream and fantasize about on a regular basis. That in itself is a feat that I’m sure many men will never accomplish. But after really thinking about it I really had to ask what exactly makes a man the “Sexiest Man
Alive?” For me I’m not quite sure he’d make the cut. Maybe during my
rebellious days…

Well I’ll give it to Mr. Levine he has those “come hither” eyes, a nice falsetto and the body of a sexy punk rock god, tattoos included, but ladies would you take him home to your parents? Better yet would he take you home to meet his parents? For what seemed like the longest of times the answer was no but unfortunately for the rest of us and fortunately for one lucky lady, it seems that Mr. Levine has finally made the leap from serial womanizer to serious marriage material. Perhaps his new title has sealed the deal on his bad boy to good man transformation.

So what say you ladies, does Adam Levine make your “Sexiest Man” cut?

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