Black Women's Empowerment

Al Jazeera, PLEASE Cover the Black Gender War Like You Covered the S. Korean One.

A fan of mine sent me a pretty shocking video of a problem little known–South Korea is in the throws of a full on gender war.The characters are complete with the typical basement-dwelling trolls and parasites, mammys, and SJW’s.

You absolutely must watch it to see all the similarities. You literally can substitute black America for South Korea and no one could tell the difference.

First we have the tragedy of a woman being killed by a crazy (literally) woman hating loser. We have that. Her name was Asia McGowan.

Then look at the types of men attracted to these men’s rights groups. The overweight, unfortunate looking man-child who lives with his parents with a dead-end job, one of the so-called “leaders” is mooching off of his wife, unemployed, while his wife is the breadwinner and cooks and cleans like a slave. Sound like something we’ve seen before.

Then when you hear what the actual problem is…I mean, really listen, these men’s rights groups are uncomfortable with women no longer having ANY options that don’t involve the authority of a man, and that the government has made steps to financially empower South Korean women (e.g. allowing them to own actual property). The fact is, these men base their anger on a fear of being deemed unneeded and irrelevant. The reaction to those feelings of powerlessness is lashing out in anger towards women, making hateful statements, death threats, and harassment. These women are culturally taught to be submissive, and their slow-movement to empowerment threatens their place on the food chain.Anyone who’s been to ‘black YouTube’ knows this has been going on against black women since 2009.

Then you have you “mammy,” a woman who actually goes against her (and her fellow sister’s) best interests for a Scooby Snack. Did you hear what she said? “If a man follows you, it just means he thinks your pretty,” followed by a round of applause by the male audience. We’ve got tons of mammies who will sell out their own daughters for the attention and approval (“pick me!” syndrome) of hateful, misogynistic black men.

Then you have the social justice warriors who have unified to fight back, making some inroads, but also experiencing some setbacks, such as defamation suits, job loss, and receiving vile sexual threats. The SJW’s have also gotten down in the dirt with those maggots, and like rolling around with pigs,pretty soon there’s so much mud flung you can’t tell who’s who.

You know what’s not missing though? I’m not hearing South Korean men, even with their misogyny, saying black women are the “worst stewards of children in the world,” or ugly and disgusting looking, or that all of them should be eliminated, or anyone–including non-human females–are a better pick than a black woman. I find that…interesting.

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