American Horror Story Has An IR Couple! But…Why No Hate From the Usuals?

I love horrors. Which means I’m totally here for American Horror Story Season , Roanoke. There’s even an interracial couple element, and so far, no word from the He Man Woman Hater’s Crew about how shows like this leads to black genocide. But…wait. WHY? Oh. Because the combination is with a black MAN and a white WOMAN. Guess it’s okay then? ?


And then, of course, the black woman has come in to help the black man PROTECT his precious yoga instructor wife, who spends a carefree life until the mean old ghosts come to terrorize them. The blond has no apparent flaws except being a damsel in distress, but the character played by Angela Bassett is a shamed former police officer who has a substance abuse problem, who also has a failed marriage and appears to be a crappy mom. Ah…the contrast…


More of my take…


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