Apollo Nida, Husband of RHOA Star Phaedra Parks, Gets Indicted AGAIN

This is foolishness at its finest.

I’m not a Real Housewives of Atlanta Fan. In fact, I’ve never watched the show other than the occasional snippet that I see when I walk into a room where someone else is browsing for something to watch or when I’m browsing for something to watch. But I do know who Phaedra Parks, one of the stars of RHOA, is because I’ve heard other people who do religiously watch the show talk about her. Parks is an established lawyer and, apparently, a doting mother of two boys who is breastfeeding her youngest son. Oh, and she’s married to a former felon, Apollo Nida, who did 5 years of an 18 year sentence on federal charges and has just been arrested AGAIN on federal charges.

Yes, think about that for a moment, a lawyer married a felon. Mrs. Parks situation–a beautiful black woman who graduated from law school who marries a felon–is a case study in black women marrying down due to a perceived shortage in marriageable men.

Parks married Nida in 2009; Nida was released from prison in 2009. You do the math. In Parks defense, she supposedly knew Nida before he was imprisoned. I don’t know how that last piece of information works in her defense though, although I have seen it said that her knowing him before he did 5 years in jail goes to show that this was a relationship that developed over time as opposed to a desperate, older black woman marrying a convict before her chance to have children slipped away. In my opinion, it still looks like an older, desperate black woman marrying down who got married to the first man who asked because she was afraid of losing her chance to have kids. But hey, what do I know?

In any event, Nida was again arrested in late January on federal charges of bank fraud, embezzlement, credit card fraud and identity theft.

Months before the arrest, Parks was accused of being an integral part of her husband’s shady dealings.

…author Angela Stanton, the woman who may have helped the feds build a case against Nida and Parks, is speaking out for the first time since she went into hiding in September 2013 after receiving death threats.
Stanton’s book, Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil, accused Parks, a local attorney, of being the mastermind behind an auto theft ring that operated out of Georgia. Nida was released from a Georgia state prison in 2009 after serving 5 years for his part in the auto theft ring.

If Phaedra was Bonnie to Nida’s Clyde then it doesn’t seem so odd that she would wait 5 years for him to get out of prison to marry him.

How ridiculous that these two would have the gall to star in a reality TV show while engaging in illegal behavior. Behavior that already sent one of them to jail for 5 years. Behavior that would take at least one of them away from their children for the rest of those kids childhood if found guilty in federal court.

Some people just get stuck on stupid and become so full of themselves that they think they won’t ever get caught, even if they are doing their dirt while starring on a TV show.

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