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AT LAST! An Online Dating Site All About Putting a Ring On It!

Just when some of you were ready to pack up your marbles and leave the whole online thing, or at least use your net time playing online games like Farmville, there just might be a hopeful new option for some of you. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, and before you gain 20 pounds burying your sorrows in Häagen-Dazs and triple-butter popcorn whilst watching Christopher Reeve’s hot, late self in Somewhere in Time, “Just Marry Me Already,” an I’m not playing!-where is this going?-what’s your five-year plan?! online matching site just might land you your man.

Here’s why you should jump on this–the site is relatively new so you don’t have to wade through pages and pages of creepy losers. Plus it FREE!…at least for now. And plus-plus: you don’t even sign up unless you are ready to walk down the aisle–and not the aisle of a movie theatre, or Wal*Mart, but a church or somewhere else where you walk down aisles to get hitched.

I asked founder, Candy Tolentino what inspired her to take on the role hyper-turbo online matchmaker:

There wasn’t a website that catered specifically to people looking for serious relationships and marriage where you could choose your own matches, avoid people looking for one-night stands, and avoid exorbitant monthly charges. We felt that consumers deserved a better choice.

I have a friend who pays $60/month for online dating and she can’t even choose her matches. She’s tall, and has 5′ 10″ as a minimum height for a man, so imagine how irritated she is when receives guys that are 5′ 7″ in her list of matches!

I had also previously been a member of other ‘serious’ dating sites and had to wade through a sea of one-night-stand types to find a decent date. That’s too much work! Here’s an idea; let’s bring the serious people together in one place. We have. It’s

You’re still here? I’m surprised you even made it to the end of this post. Somebody go check it out and report back. 😉

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