Azealia Banks Wants You to Buy Her Skin Bleaching Products

I weep for Azealia Banks. I can’t help it. So much beauty and talent bound up in such a tortured, tormented soul.

She’s been quite unapologetic about her skin bleaching, and now it appears she’s put together a kit of sorts for other young women of her skin tone can purchase for their own use.

Now before you get all judgy, I want you to look at this picture of the adorable, young Azealia, and then look at the horrendous comments attached.

Poor baby. She’s as cute as she can be. But when you’re told, one way or another, that you are NOT ENOUGH, what do you EXPECT will happen? Instead of Azealia gravitating towards forging her own community of accepting people, she decided to stick around and *try* to bend and contort herself into what she believes will be acceptable and make her desirable to these ain’t-shit folks.

I tell you, it’s a very VERY hard thing to be a black girl and woman in our society. Literally NOTHING you do is good enough. In order to be accepted you have to DIE or KILL WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Both are horrible choices.

Monsters are not born. They are created.

So while we can continue clucking our tongues at the craziness that is Azealia, just know that she was CREATED by people who told her LITTLE SELF that she was a dark, ugly, buck-toothed girl.

What would you have said to Azealia if she were YOUR daughter?

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