Beauty: Yes; You Can Spray on Your Makeup. Temptu Makeup System Review!

A day late, but not a dollar short, I just have to reveal a secret I’ve been sitting on for over a month. Temptu airbrush foundation and make-up is the bomb-diggity. This make-up is “HD ready,” so I’m planning on using it for every You Tube video (besides the exercise of the week) and any TEE VEE interviews related to the “Swirling” launch. In fact, I’m wearing it in this video rightchea:

The mechanism basically works much like those airbrushes those amusement park artist use, just with makeup. Here’s how the non-professional version looks:

Temptu System

I was lucky enough to get a full demonstration by the company at the LA Make Up Show…

The pros? Once you get the hang of it, the application is amazing. You can have a light or heavy a coverage as you need. I recently tested it on 14-year-old Maxi Me, who’s recently had some bouts with acne scarring, and it completely covered it. Even I was amazed.

The cons? It’s definitely pricy. It’s $225 on QVC, and take a look at the reviews. Mostly great, but a few people have complained about problems with the hose. I personally haven’t yet had any, but then, I’m not using it everyday, and my skin needs only very light coverage, so I’m not using it as much as someone who perhaps has some more sever skin concerns.

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