Beyond Black & White Continues to Reach Far and Wide…

I’ve got to tell you, I get so many wonderful letters from fans of the blog, and many of them are so poignant and inspiring. This is one of them, written by Jerrod:

Ms. Karazin,
I must say I was very impressed with your blog this morning. A friend of mine sent me a video you posted recently about critics to your point of view. Well, I am an Irish born immigrant adopted by racist Americans who criticized me most of my life for not liking white women and eventually forced me away from them in adulthood. I found I was hardwired differently and preferred women of color over my same reflection. I have included a picture of my intended and I along with one of her and her daughter. This woman has captured my heart in total and I love her daughter as if she were my own.
I am the epitome of “white” by the definition of society, but believe firmly we are all of one race. Something you said today made me think. I think women of color tend to be more sassy, but that’s exciting to me, keeps me on my toes. My better half is an engineer from Barbados. I am a college professor from Ireland….and in this wide wide world….we met and the chemistry is AMAZING. (thanks match.com).
I am asked often how can i possibly be a father to a black child when I am not a black man. I take great offense at this. I offer up the response, “that child will benefit from both of our backgrounds, both of our points of view, and she will see a man, vastly different in all ways from her mom, that loves her mom and devotes his life to her happiness, and she will see what a man does for a woman. That girl, though not my biology, will be just as much my child and I devote myself to her future. Biology, does not a father make.”
I salute you and your voice and urge you to continue to be a voice in this new era of awareness. I too have been making my movements to support the cause by writing my story, “A Study of Color” whereby I tell how I grew up and broke the bond of racism to be where I am today.
Jerrod’s lovely blended family…
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