My Big Announcement…

I’ve been hinting about this for a while, and I guess I could tell you, but it’s probably better to just show you…


So what is it?

About the Series

The series begins with our “Swirling” Experts, Christelyn Karazin and Jordan Harbinger, interviewing single clients who are looking to expand their dating options in the quest for love. Based on personality and potential compatibility, Christelyn and Jordan choose 3 potential matches. Clients then interact with the three initially chosen candidates and select one potential match for a date that will hopefully lead to love.


Web series Swirlr is hosted by Christelyn Karazin and Jordan Harbinger. Christelyn is co-author of the book “Swirling: How to Date, Mate And Relate – Mixing Race, Culture and Creed,” and Editor of the popular blog, BeyondBlackWhite.com. Jordan is a dating and body-language expert and co-founder of The Art of Charm.  Both Christelyn Karazin and Jordan Harbinger are currently in successful, long term interracial relationships.


I’m super excited to be doing this series with my good friend, Jordan. He drops some SERIOUS knowledge on body language and spots a player for a thousand miles away. I’m also loving that I’m able to put forth a positive image of black women on reality T.V. No “Real Housewives” ratchetry happening on this series.

Stay tuned for additional details about when the show airs, and if you’re in the Los Angeles area on Valentine’s Day, come see me and Jordan in Hollywood for the premiere of the official series trailer. Oh! And do me a favor…go like our fan page so you can keep track of all the developments and show releases.


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