Bishop Eddie Long: When “Pimpin from the Pulpit” Goes Even Worse Than Usual

Bishop Eddie Long, embattled pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, a man accussed of sexually molesting young/boys men, allowed himself to be declared a ‘King’ in front of the entire congregation last Sunday. Yes, you read that right.

According to visiting Pastor Ralph Messer, who somehow believes that on account of his Jewish heritage and dual-citizenship with the land of Israel, he has the authority to speak “on behalf of the Jewish people, the land of Israel, the God of Israel” to declare Bishop Long a ‘King’. Yep, Bishop Long is a King! And if you want proof, just check his “k chromosome!” In the video Long’s ‘anointing’ is a case study in what ‘burning hot mess’ looks like when on full-display. Lets count the ways.

1. Bunk science. ( “Man has 22 chromosomes, and God gave him the 23rd)

2. Selective use of Scripture. (The Biiiiiiiibbbbblllleeee says…….! )

3. Emotional guilt-tripping (i.e., “this will either arouse the realm of death in you or arouse the realm of life)

Hmm, watching a suspected child molester who used his position to exploit young men for sexual benefit caused SOMETHING to raise up in me alright! I think it might have been that feeling you get in the back of your throat when you’re about to vomit or something akin to acid reflux.

And before I get the self-righteous, sanctimonious Bible-thumpers in here to tell me to ‘judge not, lest ye be judged’, let me cut ya’ll off at the knees: I am not a pastor, bishop, or self-anointed man of God who is supposed to be leading his flock. But if I was to take up that sort of position, the Bible says that I am to be ‘blameless’. Why? Because I have never read ANY Scripture that says God wants whore-mongers, rapists, murderers, and suspected molesters preying on his people.

If the good Bishop gave a hoot about the congregation of New Birth he would have stepped down from his pedestal in the church AT LEAST long enough to explain himself and profess his innocence. Instead, the good Bishop took a <strike>vacation</strike> Sabbath, some folks got paid off and then the offering plate got passed around. Business as usual.

What is mentally wrong with the folks in this church who are clapping and praising the Lord while Bishop Long gets elevated above the ‘commoner’s and proclaimed a King?

Lets think about this for a moment. Let’s think about the victims of sexual exploitation that exist in black churches and families across America. How does this look to them? How would I feel if I knew men who were accused of using their power and position to bargain for sexual favors where hoisted up on the shoulders of men, wrapped in ancient Scripture found in Holocaust camps, and declared to now be anointed while I was given some hush money and told to hush my mouth?

You wanna know what rape culture looks like? Head on down to New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, where you might get touched by more than the Spirit. And then the church will say, “Amen!”

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