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Black on Black Noose Swapping: More Proof That We’re Our Own Worse Enemy

I wasn’t even looking for this and after watching the video, I’m kinda sorry I actually found the story but I can’t ignore it now that these foul images are stamped in my brain. They say a picture is worth a thousand words to just go on and watch the video and meet me back here after the jump.

Black On Black Hate Crime Baffles Local Couple:

There are plenty of people that will have you believe that the White man is the everlasting boogie man but situations like this challenge that notion. I’m disgusted by bias of any kind and I am almost sure this guys is bat-ish crazy.

SO what he has a PHd? Either way, he’ll be turning himself in shortly, I wonder how many Black men get the option to do Federal time at their leisure. I do think this family is right to be frightened; I wish them well.

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