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More Black Women Need to Practice “Free Agent” Dating Like JLo

You can say whatever you want about Jennifer Lopez (JLo) and her parade of male companions, but one thing is for certain: she’s a free agent when it comes to dating. She’s dated major movie stars and lowly backup dancers–from the super rich to the comparatively struggling. She’s most recently been linked with Drake and they’re displaying some pretty heavy PDA on Instagram, much to the chagrin of Rihanna. The “Needed Me” songstress has reportedly stopped following JLo in social media. Guess it was just all to much and while we’re at it, someone needs to monitor her cannabis intake.

? <——– Lotta those

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Black women might benefit from taking a few cues from her and not limiting themselves to one certain “type” of man. Casting the widest net possible will increase your odds of finding the guy you really want. Sure; have some standards about it–but remember character standards are never limited to race, culture or creed.


In 2017 try stretching your dating chops a bit. Give that quirky guy in Accounting his life’s wish and join him for tea at Starbucks. The stuffy stock broker you walk by everyday on the way to work may have a whole other side to him. What about that industrious guy with a growing chain of corner hot dog stands? The more varied your dating calendar, the more you can learn what your really want in a long-term partner. You want to have all the options on the table, right? It’s the most important life choice you can make.

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