Why Do Some Black Women Think I’m Trying to “Force” Them to Swirl?!

So…I’ve made it my business to really cease and desist addressing folks that take cheap shots at me, my work, and this site. They can steadily say that nobody is reading or interested in this blog, and I’ll continue to chart the 50% growth every year, which brings me to about 400,000 page views a month. Or more.

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In that spirit, I’m trying to figure out why some black women think I’m trying to force them into dating white men. I have not, nor do I ever have the desire to try to brainwash anyone into doing something that they don’t want to do. If you want your black man and your black family, that is your choice, and I will honor that choice. What is more, I LOVE black families. On the rare times I see an intact black family out and about town with their kids, I smile. It makes me happy. It gives me hope. (I know what you’re thinking. You don’t like my use of the word, “rare.” Too bad. We have a near 80% out-of-wedlock rate so “rare” is EXACTLY the right word.)

So…no. I’m really not interested in trying to crush your ‘black love’ dreams, and if you’re feeling really pressed, perhaps there’s a little bit of projection going on, because I promise I’m not using voodoo or some secret government mind control to get you to “come over to the white side.” It’s really not that serious. And frankly, I just don’t need you that much. There’s enough black women in the world who are interested in expanding their dating pool so that I don’t have to resort to such measures.

And to put the proper cap on this discussion for good, I’m going to cut and paste a note written from a my buddy who runs Black Woman Think Tank. I like the way she just…you know…puts stuff into perspective.

Any black woman is free to decide her path in life. She is free do decide that she wants to hold out, EXCLUSIVELY for ‘black love’. She is free do decide that she wants save the black race. She is free to hold out for her “Ideal Black Man”. She is free to believe that the “Good Black Man” exists in relatively high enough numbers. And she is free to keep doing all of this, as she burns daylight on her youth and vitality, as she does so.

She is FREE.

And i honor that freedom.

Just, PLEASE… stay off of Melissa Harris Perry’s show, beggin for ‘respect’. And PLEASE… stay off of NIGHTLINE, crying about being ‘successful and Single”. And PLEASE… stay away from Soledads “Blacks In America: The Downtrodden Black Woman Story, Pt. 15.” And please….refrain from telling the whole world, about how black men hate you, cuz you dark and nappy headed and ugly, in documentaries like “Dark Girls”.

And please…i BEG you.. stay off of threads on Son of Baldwin‘s page, cryin about feeling ‘shamed’ and how theres no ‘community’ to support you and yo’ kieeds. And please go get yo’self a ORAQUCIK, at home HIV kit, whos “black love’ campaign is focused on YOU, as the highest demographic of newly contracted HIV cases (who you are OVERWHELMINGLY contracting from heterosexual black males), after gay males.

You are FREE.

Now. Go FREELY buy yo’ kit, and take yo’ licks, silently in the corner, as the good ‘race’ woman you are – without involving the rest of us or feeling to the need to let everyone know how much you are “down for the cause’, no matter how much it breaks your heart, destroys your communities, damages your children or literally kills you. We already have all the stats and proof needed, to show just what your one sided loyalty is buying you. No need to swoop in on every thread, to remind us. It makes the rest of us, who dont want the world to think WE are as blindly loyal to those who hate us, as you are, look pretty bad.


Black-Women Empowerment

Stop telling me a white man will magically solve my relationship woes.



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