What the Cuss?

‘Black YouTube’ Claims White Man Who Raised 6 Black Children Racist

“Black YouTube” was abuzz this week regarding a 15-year-old black girl featured on The Dr. Phil Show with her mother claiming that she hates black people.

People were quick to blame the mother being widowed by a white who married her and helped raise her fully black children by multiple fathers.

Days later, Nina, a sister of Treasure came forward to set the world straight about the man she calls her REAL father. The truth comes out that the only responsible adult was her late stepfather, who took one six children who weren’t his and provided a stable life for them.

Sigh. This whole thing is a mess. By all accounts, the deceased father was a very good man who took on the responsibilities that these children’s biological fathers did not.


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If no one is going to stand up for this father, I will.

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