Gender Conflict

Blatant Rejection of “Traditional” Looking Black Women. See for Yourself Why Expanding Your Options is Necessary.

Someone on my You Tube channel sent this video to me, and upon looking at the title, I thought it was just another cuss-filled, vitriolic video about how black women were the root to all ills in the black community. But what struck me was that the two gentlemen in the video look like “nice” men…the kind of guys I wouldn’t have objected to dating at one time in my life.

Until you hear one of them open their mouths about black women. While shocking, what he has to say isn’t a-typical. This is how the MAJORITY of black men feel about their romantic selections. Look at the video, and tell me what a medium to dark-skinned “typical” black girl is supposed to do with this information if she thinks her only option is dating men of her own race.

The man in the video says that a woman like Lupita N’Yongo is undatable, regardless of her character. Regardless. Of. Character. Worse, his EVIL, light-skinned MOTHER told this man to never bring a dark-skinned woman home. This is DISGUSTING. If I were a young black girl who was faced with men (and women) who thought like this that I was SOCIALIZED into believing were my BEST and ONLY option, I think I’d want to kill myself.

There is no way in HELL I can advocate black women REMAINING in a collective community who deems the majority of black women as ugly, unattractive and undatable because of their darkness, REGARDLESS OF CHARACTER.

However, I have to say that the interviewer seems enlightened and intelligent. He’s dateable. Too bad he’s the minority.

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