(Bonus) Man Candy Monday: World Cup Hotties!!

Is it just me, but is there some special gene that footballers have in common that makes them smoking hot? I mean, I’m a soccer mom in name only–I have no idea about all the rules and other stuff, my kids are in soccer camp this week in hopes that they’ll be less pathetic at sports than I am. But even I–sports challenged as I am–can not miss all the eye candy I’m seeing. It also doesn’t help that these guys have the kind of physique I love…long, lean, and muscles everywhere.

Here’s  a few that stand out for me…

Fabian Schär…he’s Swiss. He’s 6’1, and 187 pounds of delicious.



an Schär

Oh hello, Olivier Giroud. Oh French cuisine has never looked so decadent. Yummy feast for the eyes. Wonder where he’s directed that tongue…


Mama Mia…Claudio Marchisio, the Italian Stallion. He looks kind of like white Jesus to me without the long hair.


And then there’s the dark and mysterious Mariano Andújar from Argentina. This guy has nice, chiseled features. He’s gonna make some purdee babies.


And let’s not forget the hotties we grow on good old American soil. Three cheers for Graham Zusi and his scrumptious chin.

Graham Zusi

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