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Break Up With Blackistan, I’m Bored

Written by Nicole J.

I love writing, and even more so, I love writing about topics surrounding black women. Being a black woman, I can add my own insight and input to things that could be valuable for others, particularly a younger audience. But for all my writing, I have got to say, I’m a bit bored of the topics I get asked to write on. The topics are important, but by golly, it seems no one is learning from the mistakes they made, or the mistakes others made that they could have learned from to spare them some heartache, without the hassle. What am I bored of? Well, here’s a (non-comprehensive) list:

I’m bored of seeing black women acting all shocked, shocked, I say when their black love doesn’t pan out, despite the clear warning signs like the ever increasing out of wedlock birth rate, high divorce rate, and climbing STD rate in black women.

I’m bored of platforms like this one getting read for filth when we say character over color and expand your dating options, and getting our talking points reduced to “stop worshipping white men you dumb bedwench!” when we do nothing of the sort.

I’m bored of black women proclaiming for all the world to hear that only a black man can satisfy her, only for black men to consider her an option, a choice, and not even the first, second, or third choice at that.

I’m bored of black women acting a mule, fool, and tool for a community that abandons her at first opportunity, and will heap the blame on her for problems that took both male and female involvement to create.

I’m bored of seeing the same woman harp on about the evil albinoid in the dominant society and condemning the very men who allows her to continue uploading her content on the platform he created, no doubt to make her little coins to feed the child she had by the very same dusty beta male she complains about.

I’m bored of the worst of us going viral, and the best of us suffering for it.

I’m bored of wealthy, successful black women marrying bums, only to have the marriage fall apart and he take her to the cleaners, laughing all the while.

I’m bored of seeing screen shots pop up on my timeline asking “Is this a date?” with spaghetti being served on a Publix weekly ad and no plates, and black women swooping in to not only cosign this tragic display of courtship, saying that the woman should be glad for this mediocrity, but also call other black women too bougie for not accepting it.

I’m bored of black women playing extended-stay girlfriend rather than wife, birthing a whole bunch of bastard children without the benefit of marriage, and being the only one in the house without the man’s last name…and then complaining when she gets left for the hotter, younger woman later.

I’m bored of black women wearing these tragic lacefronts that look like they tripped and fell into the children’s craft bin at your local Hobby Lobby; I’m also bored of black women setting their daughters up to hate their own hair too.

I’m bored of black women bringing children into dysfunction, only for them to be devoured by the males in the community that was supposed to protect them.

I’m bored of black women saying they don’t want pink dick, yet continuing to talk about it like the second coming (pun intended).

I’m bored of black women who say they won’t swirl because they need to have these melanin-rich, chocolate babies, only for those babies to be subject to colorism within the community before they even have a concept of dark skinned and light skinned.

I’m bored of black women claiming that other black women who swirl only do so because they are ugly, nappy headed, and stuck up, when those with eyes can see that’s not the case.

I’m bored of black women lamenting over when the latest black male singer, athlete, or otherwise moneyed man gets with a nonblack woman, when Kanye, and evidence has suggested that when he get on, he’ll leave your ass for a white girl.

I’m bored of black women carrying out these same behaviors, and complaining about the ills of black men, when a lot of these problems are our own Ls to hold.

To the black women who do these behaviors, or similar ones not listed here, are you not bored of doing the same thing, yet expecting a different result? I’m bored of watching it play out, but because I want to shed light on alternative paths, I’ll deal with the boredom.

Ariana said to break up with your girlfriend because she’s bored. As for me, I say break up with your Blackistan behaviors. I’m bored.

What are you bored of? Let’s hear it in the comments below.

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