What the Cuss?

Throwing Hands at Disneyland: A Look at the Latest Brawl

Written by Nicole J.

This Disney brawl got me heated so there is cursing in this blog.

A family outing at Disney Land devolved into Animal Kingdom when a roving pack of wild black people started beating each other to a fucking pulp. The happiest place on earth is no match for toxic behaviors commonly found in our communities, and a perfectly good family outing was ruined by these classless lowlifes who saw fit to broadcast their rampant dysfunction, to be viewed by millions of times across YouTube, Facebook and even local and international news outlets. Thanks guys, way to hit every single stereotype!

But I can’t say I’m surprised. Black women are highest in domestic violence stats out of all races of women, so if anything, one “good” thing (if you can call it that) is that this video shed some light as to what many black women might be dealing with on a daily basis from their abusive spouse or baby daddy. In my typical blog writing fashion, here is a by no means exhaustive list of lessons we can learn from the just over 4 minute long shit show.

  • Don’t spit on people!

This whole debacle was a hot ass mess. In unfair fights I tend to immediately side with the woman because anatomically, physiologically and biologically, in a physical fight against men, 99% of the time we will lose. I don’t know the whole story, but judging by Red Shirt’s imposing posture, and the fact that someone was recording just slightly before everything went left, something transpired prior to what we see. But what escalated it was when Fatty Boomalatti went straight to disgusting and spat on him, and now here we are. Listen. Don’t spit on people. Doesn’t matter if you’re related. Just don’t spit on people. Ever. Period. Fatty spitting was inexcusable, however, so was the resulting beat down. Everybody in this video has their blame. And just in case I wasn’t clear…don’t spit on people!!!

  • Physically strong, emotionally weak and volatile

Red Shirt has a very short temper and let his rage get the best of him and brought shame upon his family and his black brothers with his actions. There was no hesitation when it came to hair pulling, body pushing, face punching of the women. But when it was time to square up against a dude, here comes the hesitation. The males of that family are weak, sniveling cowards not deserving of anything, much less immortality through the children that had to witness this.

  • Despite OBVIOUS FUCKERY AFOOT, excuses will STILL. BE. MADE.

Every time I think “Surely everybody thinks this is some foul shit” I get surprised by people making excuses for these people. WHY THOUGH. WHY ARE EXCUSES NEEDED FOR THIS OBVIOUS FOOLISHNESS????Someone help me understand because I don’t get it. This guy is clearly a threat to women in his proximity, but let the cops come around and knock a few teeth out, or worse, there would be marches organized quick, fast and in a hurry, with his victims leading the charge. I saw comments like “there was no father at the park with them so he probably wasn’t raised right” and “maybe he took drugs before he went to Disney and that caused him to act that way”. How nice it must be for black men to have black women still making excuses for them no matter what they do. All that forgiveness ain’t worth shit though, because that just means more ass to turn to grass, to torment, and eventually, to kill.

  • Who has black women’s backs? Not black men.

Black women have no first line of defense. Period. These males who they are involved with were the cause of their harm, and nonblack zaddies, while slow, eventually swooped in to save the day. Oh, and Becky with the good sense came along to swoop the kids out of danger. Whenever harm comes to black women and is highly publicized, black males are quick to list their exclusion criteria for not jumping in to help – Oh, I don’t know her, I’d only step in for my mama, I might get hurt (a valid concern), but when things got even worse in this video, the actual men acted as a unit and took him down.

On the flip side, since black women are so hell bent on getting in the face of males as if they are males themselves, the assumption from the world at large is that we can “handle it”, except, you know, biology says otherwise. Nobody wants to help us because nobody thinks we need it. Because they see Big Mama and her sidekick with the Weaved Hair “holding their own” that negative stereotype gets applied to the collective at large, and we have no one in our corner.

  • The worst of us gets all the shine…

Not only were the people featured in this video violent, disgusting and disrespectful, but they embodied many of the stereotypes black people, women in particular, are branded with. They had every stereotype covered. Fat. Loud. Weaved up. Ghetto. Abusive. Lots of kids not being cared for. And this is significant because…

  • …and it makes us ALL look bad.

For every high achieving black woman who is doing the damn thing, there will be dozens of these kinds of images broadcast to millions of people around the world. Yes, people are racist. But if my only experience with black people was like the ones in the video, I wouldn’t want them moving into my neighborhood, near my children, or at my job, either. I am nothing like these people yet because I share a race with them, certain assumptions will be made about me. That is why I personally try to exude femininity in everything I do (except for this blog, because I’m heated). I’m sure today’s Disney goers were a little more cautious of their surroundings while they waited in line today, thanks to this family’s antics…

We are black women individually, but we’re also a part of the collective. Plus, there are less of us, which makes acts like these stand out even more. Why do you think Asians are called “the model minority”? Because there are even less of them, and they are typically not seen in public drawing negative attention to themselves in this way.

“But when white people act a fool and THEY don’t say they make all white people look bad!”

First, yes they do, as they will sling around phrases like “poor white trash” and “redneck hillbilly” when their own people embarrass them. Second, why would they have to? No one pedestalizes white people more than…all other races of people. Plus, who even needs to put white people on a pedestal when they maintain their own pedestal anyway? The constant comparison to white dysfunction annoys me, like it’s some goal to get away with playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes.

When the black community churns out displays like this brawl, or the low class pajama patrol mad about being required to wear real clothes to pick up their children, how can you not realize how, yes, it makes us ALL look bad. It looks bad that this woman is walking around looking like the Before picture of a gastric bypass advertisement, or that she should ask her doctor if insulin is right for her. It looks bad that this dude had no problems beating the shit out of what is allegedly his family, in public. It looks bad that they abandoned their small children to scrap with each other. It looked bad that in all the rage the males had, the only ones that got any substantial beating were the women, because they were too busy shadowboxing each other. It looks bad that they are all graduates of The Bum Institute for Throwing Hands, Catching Charges and Harming Each Other (acronym – B.I.T.C.H.)

This was a complete embarrassment and I hope Disney sues them for damages and they all get lifetime bans, forever. You think Ariel is monumental now? Enjoy it, because the ghost of Walt Disney will haunt all the producers to ensure we get no positive promotion, ever. It’s not like we do it for ourselves, why should they? (Side note: KsC did a great series of lives on her Facebook page surrounding that discussion, I highly recommend you check it out before it goes!)

Imagine paying thousands of dollars for a family vacation to have another family beat the shit out of each other in front of your 5 year old. I’m sure Disney tried their best at pricing out the riff raff with their $100+ tickets; I guess there will be a price hike in the future, and probably a nonmonetary “black tax” too. I hope they all go to jail and DCF gets involved because I would bet my entire life’s work that if this is how they get down on Main Street USA, then that is definitely how it goes, or worse, behind closed doors.

I have many more thoughts but I’ve gone on long enough. Hopefully since this video went so viral, we can go a couple months before the next train wreck of a video featuring the lowest of the low of our people. I doubt it, but here’s for some wishful thinking.

And if someone comes up under here defending these people I will jump through my laptop to put Disney Dole Whip in your shoes.

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