Breaking News! Mass Foot Shooting By Black Female West Point Cadets!

Sigh…it this isn’t one of the worst cases of foot-shooting by black women putting “the cause” before their personhood. These West Point cadets are now under investigation for making Black Power fists while in uniform, a clear violation of the school’s honor code and Department of Defense mandate that soldiers make no political statements while in the Armed Forces.


Some may argue that the raised fists isn’t a political statement. And to those people I would ask, what if you saw 16 white female West Point cadets making a Nazi salute? And yes; while one gesture symbolizes cultural pride while another signifies racial hatred, both are equal violations under military rules, and the girls are in danger of disciplinary action that might even include their expulsion.

Here is another example of black women putting their futures on the line for a community that doesn’t reciprocate such sacrifice when it comes to them.

From NPR:

In a post titled, “Here’s EXACTLY what I’d do to the West Point cadets who took this dishonorable photo,” former Florida Rep. Allen West said the young women should apologize to their class and to the academy. The Fox News contributor, who retired from the Army as a lieutenant colonel, wrote on his own website:

“The obvious hypothetical question is what if these were 16 white male West Point Cadets from the south who took a picture in uniform with the Confederate battle flag? Yes, you know exactly what the story would be, and it would be plastered all over the mainstream media. And you know those white male cadets would be in serious danger of not graduating and receiving their commission as an Army officer. …

“These young women carry on the legacy of Henry O. Flipper, the first black graduate of West Point. All he wanted was to serve his nation and be an Army officer. Thanks to him, these women can be there at West Point, and I was able to become an Army officer. Someone needs to teach them a little history and get them to understand that lesson and see contriteness in their soul.”

The cadets haven’t made any additional commentary, and that’s probably wise. With one foot left, they might be able to limp out of this.

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