This Brown Baby is Oxford Bound! 8 Year Old Makes University History

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His name is Joshua Beckford and he’s ‘just a normal 8 year old’, according to his proud father. He asks a lot of curious questions and he can be difficult at times. He seems like any other little boy but for the fact that he’s been reading since age two, and speaks fluent Japanese.

Oh, yeah, Joshua  is also the youngest person to ever attend Oxford University.

Joshua learned to read fluently by the time he was two and a half and taught himself to touch-type on a computer before he could write using a pencil.

He can speak Japanese, practices medical surgery on a computer simulator and has completed more than 1,000 maths problems.

In 2011 Mr Daniel wanted to challenge Joshua so he wrote to the university to see if it would let him participate in a philosophy course for bright children between the age of eight and 13.

Joshua plans to go into neurosurgery though I am sure anything he does will lead to amazing things. His family recently learned of his being autistic (a side effect which contributes to his extremely high intelligence) and are in the process of obtaining the proper emotional and social reinforcement that young Joshua needs.

With his unique intellect and bright future I’m glad to see a family unit doing all that can be done to support their child’s development without losing sight of the needs of the child.

Congratulations to young future Dr. Beckford and clan.

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