Browncow has a little baby calf!!

Well, we must have a little e-baby shower for one a much-loved BB&W member, “Browncow” who just had her little baby calf.

She just mentioned it in another post, sort of in passing. But her news must be PUT ON BLAST! Browncow has been sitting on that little egg since I started the site back in June, so I feel a special attachment. So yes, Browncow, I give you permission to ask ME to be Godmother.

Here’s what she said:

Oh yeah, I wanted to announce that I had my baby October 22nd. He was a healthy 8lbs 7.6oz and 21 1/4 inches long. Man can this guy eat!!! I’ll be down to my pre-husband weight in no time. Speeaking of my husband, he is an angel! He has been so instrumental in my recovery I couldn’t imagine what it would be like without him. He held my leg and cheered me on while I pushed his second son out into the world. He stayed with me in the hospital to protect my space and fulfilled my dietary requests when the hospital food left much to be desired. He was the first one to bathe the baby and went with him for all his checks in the nursery. The baby never left his sight and I’m thankful for that. When we came home, he cooked, cleaned, kept up with the laundry, took sole care of our 22 month old, and made sure that I got a shower every day. Even today, he’s telling me not to do too much and make sure I take my nap this afternoon. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband and father to our boys. There isn’t praise enough for him. I am truly blessed.

Way to go Browncow’s hubby! No Wedding No Womb!

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