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BWIP: Forget What Everyone Says About What to Do to Snag a Man, Says Psychologist Karin Anderson

Yep. That’s right, says Karin Anderson, PhD, a psychologist and author of It Just Hasn’t Happened Yet: Bogus, ridiculous, absurd explanations as to why you’re still single and how to deal with themplus a few things we do to ourselves. (Whew; that was a mouthful.) Anderson thinks that all the self-help books about how women (of all races) have to twist themselves into a pretzel to get a man is a bunch of malarkey.

Some of the highlights of the book:

  • Resist the “you need to change to snag a man” protocol of typical self-help fare.
  • Remain true to yourself
  • Remember, you’re fabulous as-is, and you know it! And when the right guy comes along, he’ll know it too!

It’s the last part that I have a slight problem with. I see a lot of women (and men) who think they are entitle ENTITLED! to the best of the best, when they themselves are the worst of the worst. It’s absurd to demand a man who has 2% body fat when you have 80%. And men, unless you have a budget the size of the World Bank, you demanding a perfect trophy size 2, 180 IQ, 24-inch waist and DDD bra size is a bit ambitious, wouldn’t you say?

So Dr. Anderson and I sat down and had a conversation so she could expand upon her rather refreshing take on the who “why you’re still single” meme.

Karin anderson by Christelyn

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