What the Cuss?

“Bye Felicia,” a Modern-Day Mammy Show Coming Soon on VH1


How many ways can reality television exploit black women while said black women go willingly off the cliff like lemmings?

Better question–when are we actually going to get pissed off enough to vote with our pocket books to get this mess off the air?

Because I tell you what, executives are laughing all the way to the bank because there’s no shortage to black women willing to throw us under the bus for $5k an episode, and it looks like the next reality clusterphuck, “Bye Felicia” will be more of the same. The show’s mammies–er–I mean “hosts,” are two black women who deliver advice to white women with two snaps in a Z formation for your viewing pleasure. Yes; you’re sure to have a healthy dose of mammy/sapphire stereotypes to feed your daily bigotry quota.

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Summary from Essence

VH1’s new reality show, Bye Felicia, will follow Atlanta-based life coaches Deborah Hawkes and Missy Young as they set out to help white women in Los Angeles better themselves and say “goodbye to the Felicia” (or the negativity) in their lives.
“Each closed-ended episode aims to empower two different women who could use a dose of honesty in order to turn their lives around,” VH1 said in a press release. “Hoping to impart their unique experience and wisdom through motherly tough love, Deb and Missy teach these women to say hello to their better selves and goodbye to Felicia.”
Bye Felicia draws it’s name from a scene in the movie Friday, in which Ice Cube’s character dismisses his drug addicted neighbor with a simple “bye, Felicia.” The phrase has recently become a popular way make it plain that you’re not interested in what someone is doing or what they have to say.
The eight hour-long episode series will premiere Dec. 9.

Gosh. How far we’ve come since the Nell Carter-type of black woman, who takes care of everybody with a “dose of honesty.” How we’ve evolved since Hattie McDaniel’s character from Gone With the Wind, huh? White chicks just love having sassy black friends to give them a “dose of honesty,” so they can continue living their fabulous lives. Yep, we’ll just be here waiting for you when you need us again, Becky.


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